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An independent video production company and performer service provider from Montreal, Canada, Beanduck was founded in 2012 by director Julian Stamboulieh and producer Beatrice Warner.

Shortly after Beanduck’s inception, the company received great critical and creative acclaim with the digital series LARPs, and has gone on to produce several award-winning short films.



A staple of Montreal's acting scene, Beanduck Productions offers an array of performer services, from self-tapes, to voice demos, and more.



In 2022, Beanduck launched its education branch, starting with On-Camera acting workshops, and with the goal of expanding into other areas of performance and production.


From a multi-award-winning digital series, to a collection of powerful short films, Beanduck aims to create original content that will spotlight dynamic new voices, and entertain in the process.


JStamboulieh_Headshot 2022_1.jpg

Julian Stamboulieh

Director and actor with a BFA in Photography, Julian approaches projects with a playful yet critical eye. He values the audience first and foremost, always striving to provide them an experience that’s fun and original, as well as intelligent and respectful. Growing up as a “Sega boy”, he is as passionate about gaming today as he was when he stayed up past his bedtime playing Sonic.


Beatrice Warner

Beatrice majored in film production, graduating with a bachelor in fine arts with distinction from Concordia University in Montreal. As Beanduck’s main producer, her focus is always to create the highest production value in the company’s work in the most efficient way possible. With a long history in performance both on stage as well as on a piano bench, Beatrice has always felt immense pride in entertaining audiences, a feeling she carries with her every day at Beanduck Productions.

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Elizabeth Neale

Elizabeth graduated with a BFA from Concordia University, specializing in theatre performance. She delights in finding new ways to connect fans with creators and champions women in the geek and gaming industry. She has clocked almost 300 hours of Stardew Valley and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. 

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