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"Do you know where I can train? I want to keep my tools sharp."

As actors, many elements of the industry are out of our control. How can we stay proactive? By keeping our demo materials up to date, sharpening our performing skills, and ensuring we never lose our sense of play.

SCENE STUDY was crafted to help actors dive deep into a variety of material, connect with other performers, and explore roles for which they’re not typically seen.

This recurring scene study class, run by respected professionals working in the industry, will help keep actors on their toes and ready for their next audition.

"I've got my theatre degree, but how do I transition into film and television?"

Your theatre degree is complete; you’ve spent years working your craft on-stage, but aren't feeling prepared for film/television, commercials, or the industry as a whole. All graduates face the same question: how can I adapt my training to the camera and start pursuing a living as an actor? 


Beanduck Studios presents “FROM STAGE TO SCREEN”,. a workshop tailor-made for recent theatre graduates to get them practicing and learning in a supportive environment alongside their peers.


CREATOR SERIES: Filmmaking and Content Creation

"I want to learn new content creation skills, but can't commit to the time and cost of school programs."

From camera to lighting, writing to directing, Photoshop to video editing, there are countless skills that can expand your range as an artist (while saving you money).


For those seeking affordable and trustworthy training, Beanduck is excited to be launching its Creator workshops. These courses tap into the studio's catalogue of talented professionals to provide some indispensable experience, knowledge, and education.

If you're an actor looking to create your own work, an emerging filmmaker looking to broaden your skillset, a content creator wanting to level up your videos, or a business owner taking control of your marketing, we'll have something for you.

Questions? Reach out to us at

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Next Sessions:

Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials


Camera for Directors


*Class sizes limited to 8 students



Eric Davis is a Montreal based actor known for his work in theatre, film, television, voice-over, and video games. A graduate of Concordia University's Theatre Performance program, he has acted on stages, in studios, and in sound booths across Canada and the U.S. for over 25 years with many productions to his name. Recent film highlights include Midway, Transformers, Rise of the Beasts, Timescape, and Peace by Chocolate.

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